About us

We’re a different kind of consulting firm. With our unique and insourced approach, we help our clients holistically. We accelerate digital growth, increase competitiveness, and boost digital capabilities – and we always act in our clients’ best interests, creating the most profitable resource solutions for our clients.

Who we are

Beyond Retail was founded in the early 2010s, in a landscape where knowledge about the e-commerce business was very low. Our founder, Niclas Winroth, worked on the client-side and identified three needs that work as the base for our existence today:


We understand the whole business and its different aspects.


Brand focused

We know B2C and brand building.



We aren’t commercially tied to a specific supplier, platform, or channel.

In 2014, we added permanent recruiting to our offer after seeing an increased need for it from our clients. It’s often seen as the biggest threat to a consultancy firm, but for us, the question was always how to contribute and increase profitability for our clients long-term and to secure competence going forward.
As the e-commerce business has developed and the clients have grown, our approach has become focused on insourcing with clients giving Beyond Retail specific roles.
Today, the offer has increased further from e-commerce consulting to additional offers within e-commerce, CRM, and digital marketing - hiring the sharpest minds in the business.

Why Beyond Retail

Apart from having long-term collaborations with some of the most successful companies in the business, our hybrid solution of both consulting and permanent recruitment is unique. We help our clients from day one of an instant need to long-term recruitment. In that way, the handover is smooth, and a potential knowledge gap is eliminated.
Apart from these offerings, we also take pride in following the values:


Being an independent consultancy firm is unique in the retail business, but that’s precisely what we are and value deeply. We have no commercial contracts with suppliers but have a broad network of relations with different contacts in different businesses instead.


We always work in collaboration with our clients. It’s our way of consulting - being passionate about everything we do and focusing on the things that create value for our clients.

Always learning

We’re in constant need of lying at the forefront of the industry. Regardless of technology, tool, or theory - we’re here to guide our clients so that they can be at the forefront of their industry.


We’re a powerhouse of knowledge and use everyone’s skills to deliver the best results. Our culture is built around sharing our knowledge internally, externally, and cross-disciplinary.


When a client wants to move from point A to point B, it often involves a lot of change work. We take pride in daring to be brave and speaking out about things that need to be changed.

Work with us

For us, being a safe and stable employer is the number one priority. We attract some of the best talents in the business by offering valuable benefits and knowledge development for every individual employee.

Diversity, equality and sustainability

Some of the core values that inspire us are diversity, equality and sustainability. We’ve put this into practice by having an equal number of men and women among the owners and in leading positions, contrasting to many other companies in the industry.

Health and wellbeing is vital

Health and wellbeing are two other factors which are vital to us. We offer a wellness allowance and prioritize work-life balance. Our employees are welcomed to a combination of working remote and at our offices in central Stockholm and Gothenburg.
Lastly, we need to emphasize that in addition to developing our knowledge and acting in our clients’ best interests, we always aim to have fun together. Beyond Retail is our joint home, and we want everyone to go to work happy.