Project Management and Online Sales for Drakenberg Sjölin

Drakenberg Sjölin is a Swedish jewelry brand, founded in 2009 by Andrea Drakenberg and Ellen Sjölin, and has in just a few years established itself as one of Sweden’s leading jewelry brands. With care, timelessness and simple design in materials that reflect the Scandinavian seasons, Drakenberg Sjölin creates jewelry for all women.

During the collaboration with Drakenberg Sjölin, Beyond Retail provided a hybrid solution within several competencies. One of our tech lead consultants, was responsible for the technical project management prior to a platform change while one of our e-commerce consultant acted as interim E-commerce Manager, focusing on daily operations, managing campaigns and performance marketing to grow sales.


Due diligence

The collaboration started with our team performing a due diligence to map Drakenberg Sjölin’s current status – both performance-, traffic-, conversion- and user experience-wise. Here, it quickly became obvious that the existing platform couldn’t handle neither the traffic volume nor the wishes that Drakenberg Sjölin had on the customer experience. After careful consideration of different platforms, Shopify was chosen for its simplicity and performance. With a focus on daily operations to drive e-commerce in the right direction as well as traffic management and campaign management.

Plattform project

Once the choice of the new platform was determined, Beyond Retail began implementation of the new system, which among other things included, migration of existing customer data and content, setup of freight and payment solutions and requirements towards external ERP system suppliers and delivery. The platform change also included frontend development to customize the site layout, structure and functionality.

Interim Management

During the project and after the new platform was launched, Beyond Retail worked ran the daily operations of Drakenberg Sjölin’s e-commerce, focusing on driving traffic and creating campaigns via social channels. In addition to the daily operations, Beyond Retail worked on three projects, all with the same goal of driving more traffic, spreading brand awareness and increasing sales in the long term.

Project 1 - Localization

With the vision to reach more potential customers and not to lose existing customers who want the site in local language, we were responsible for localizing the existing site to 5 key markets. Being able to offer Drakenberg Sjölin’s largest customer groups the site in their local language was important for growth.

Project 2 - Search Engine Optimization

With the goal of increasing organic visibility in search engines, we optimized and wrote new texts (product and collection texts as well as headings, meta titles and meta descriptions) for the site. This work was based on a extensive keyword analysis we first performed, adapted to search trends and users’ search behavior related to the jewelry industry and Drakenberg Sjölin’s signature collections.

Project 3 - Digital Marketing

Based on the same keyword analysis, we started keyword marketing through Google Ads campaigns, focusing on increasing brand awareness and reaching new potential customers. Beyond Retail was also involved in outlining the overall campaign plan for all digital channels.

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