Project Management

Making technical investments impactful and deciding which technology to use can be challenging. Our expert consultants help clients with everything from research and evaluation to selection, implementation and development of technical investments.

Our expertise

Our expert consultants lead projects within procurement, education, and development of technical investments - no matter if it's a new e-commerce platform, CRM system, ERP, or third-party service. By translating business goals into clear technical requirements, surfacing best practices, and using our relationship with technical partners in the industry, we help you maximize your technical investments.

Technical Due Dilligence

Our technical due diligence is an in-depth analysis of everything from platform, third-party services, and hosting to tracking, technical SEO, and user experience. This will both give insight into the current state of your technical stack but also guidance on what technical efforts to invest in going forward.

Procurement Process

Procuring certain services can have a significant impact on the growth of your online channels. We can help you navigate throughout the procurement process, from finding the most suitable solution for your business and approaching suppliers to overseeing the deal negotiation and assisting in the implementation.


Our consultants can help you lead your implementation projects into success. Through established requirements, rigorous testing, and quality assurance, we can help secure the order process and make sure that critical functionality is met. We do this to provide a stable and scalable consumer journey optimized for sales.

Maintenance & Interim Technical Lead

Upgrading the technical stack of your e-commerce is crucial for staying on top of today’s consumer demands. Our technical e-commerce consultants can help you manage your business’s technical roadmap and ongoing improvements being deployed. We are independent and can work with any platform or supplier.

Robin Ahrnéll

Head of Consulting +46 70-508 59 39
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