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We have gathered some of the ecommerce industry’s leading expertise under one roof. Together we bring lightyears of experience within the field of ecommerce. Our combined knowledge and experiences are something we are proud of and are very passionate about putting to good use in the service of our customers. We love to share our knowledge and advance the industry. Yet, we are humble for the fact that every assignment, client and business is different and what works today may not work tomorrow. That's why, always learning, is at the core of our values.

What we do: Improving ecommerce profitability and growth

1 ) Optimize current ecommerce operations
2) Evaluate and refine ecommerce strategy
3) Increase traffic and conversion
4) Connect and leverage omni-channel
5) Manage organization and technology projects

Our Services

Fractional or ongoing Consultancy service to address a specific business challenge or evolving project. Expert on-demand leaders to support your leadership or wider teams. Beyond Retail is a shortcut that allows you to solve problems and make judgments quickly and efficiently.
Interim Management Consultants
  • E-commerce Director, Head of Ecommerce, Ecommerce Manager,
  • Online Sales Director, Online Sales Manager
  • Chief Customer Officer
  • CDO, Product owner, Site Manager, Web Manager
Strategy & Management consultancy
  • Transformation Partner
  • E-commerce due diligence
  • Online Business Strategy
  • Re-platforming projects
  • KPI Framework
Having performed over 600 successful digital recruitment processes we have the leading track record and most refined digital recruitment offer on the Swedish market. Ecommerce roles was what it all started with and no agency knows these processes better than we do.
Recruitment of the following roles:
  • Ecommerce Director, Head of Ecommerce, Ecommerce Manager
  • C-Suite; Chief Digital Officer, Chief Customer Officer, Chief Technology Officer
  • E-commerce Operations Manager, Ecommerce Coordinator, Ecommerce Specialist
  • Online Merchandiser, Web Manager, Site Manager, SEO Manager, Web Editor
  • Product Owner, Technical Project Manger
Managed Ecommerce
Hands-on growth teams that deliver best-in-class end to end eCommerce ownership. We are experts across technology, trading, eCommerce management, operations and end-to-end delivery. If you need a team to own and run your digital presence Beyond Retail is a one-stop shop.
Driving profitability and growth
Holistic View
We consider the entire customer journey and include all channels available.
Specialist knowledge
We have unique and extensive experience with global multichannel strategies and tactics.
Platform agnostic
We are independent advisors and work closely with the best solution providers in the industry.

Words from our clients

”In only a few months we have completely transformed our eCommerce organization, both in terms of new digital competencies and ways of working. Parallel to this, we have launched a whole new site and brand from scratch (Racqet) and acquired an existing brand to the Thevea brands Group portfolio (Friluftsvaror). Beyond Retail has supported us throughout this journey with both recruitment and operational support during the gap between the old and the new organization. Sophie as an interim consultant has been an excellent support in this transition, managing the day-to-day operations in a data-driven manner, as well as giving valuable recommendations to the new organisation and commercial strategy.”

Soliman Herrera Johansson

Head of Online Marketing & Sales at Thevea brands Group

How we have helped brands with their E-Commerce
+300 %
Filippa K
Over a period of two years the revenue from e-commerce grew by 4x while Beyond Retail was running and growing the digital team. A digital transformation of the whole company had begun.
+166 %
Incremental Omnichannel ROAS
Gina Tricot
The strategy shift and the following results marks an important milestone for Gina Tricot on its journey to become a truly omni-channel retailer. We are one step closer to capturing the true value of our campaigns and taking control over footfall in store.
+ 145 %
CRM Revenue
Happy Socks
The increase in revenue from CRM was achieved by setting up a network of marketing automation programs adhering to the customer journey.
Our Ecommerce Consultants
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Kenny Renes

Head of E-commerce Consulting & Partner
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Rickard La Fleur

Senior E-commerce Consultant
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Sophie Landquist Hermelin

Senior E-commerce Consultant
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Clara Bartlett

Senior E-commerce Consultant
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