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We lead the way in the rapidly changing e-commerce industry and help our clients navigate change for lasting success. With our holistic approach, specialist knowledge, and industry experience, we’re the independent advisors you’ve been looking for.

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Our Services

Interim Consultants
We work for some of the most successful companies and can quickly become part of your organization as insourced consultants. Together we bridge the gap between where you are today and where you need to be tomorrow to create rapid digital growth.
Strategy & Management Consultancy
Through advising and running the digital sales operations of dozens of companies, we have the knowledge to help you be bold with your digital commerce strategy and adapt to best practices.
For retailers wanting to develop the digital skills of current staff not working directly with e-commerce, we’ve got you covered. Gain increased collaboration and understanding between departments, and speed up the digital transformation of your retail business.
Project Consulting
We are independent advisors that work closely with the best solution providers in the industry, and can help you with projects like Platform evaluations, Re-platforming, Project management, Implementation, Digital Due Diligence, and Digital Marketing Channel assessment.
We’re a powerhouse of digital knowledge

Our approach

We’re an experienced team of consultants helping our clients holistically with our unique and insourced approach. With our leading strategies and tactics, we help some of Sweden’s most prominent brands thrive in the digital landscape and exceed the constantly changing customer expectations.

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