Case: Hemfrid

Fredrik Lindblad, CMO at Hemfrid: “The critical element in our collaboration has been Beyond Retail’s ability to understand our specific needs and their methodical approach to achieving our goals.”

How do you build a resilient marketing and sales organization in a rapidly changing industry? Hemfrid, a company offering household services, faced this challenge when they needed to bolster their marketing team with the right expertise. To meet this need, they turned to Beyond Retail. The collaboration between Erika at Beyond Retail and Fredrik Lindblad at Hemfrid illustrates how strategic recruitment can help realize a company's vision of expanding its range of home services.

Hemfrid is part of a group of companies aiming to create a “one-stop-shop” for home services. With a growing emphasis on digital development and marketing, Hemfrid needed to establish a strong, future-proof marketing and sales organization.

Fredrik Lindblad, CMO at Hemfrid, explains the background:

– We are currently building the organization we need for our growth journey while the digital landscape, including AI, drives evolving needs and conditions. The demands on marketing and sales functions are increasing and changing compared to before.

To meet these demands, Hemfrid chose to collaborate with Beyond Retail, a partner with deep expertise in digital marketing and e-commerce recruitment.

The recruitment process began by defining the specific requirements for each role through joint startup meetings. Erika and her team utilized their networks and LinkedIn to find the right candidates. The process included phone interviews, in-depth interviews, and several tests, such as logic and personality assessments. An essential part of Beyond Retail’s process is also a tailored case for each role, with their digital consultants involved in quality assurance.

Erika from Beyond Retail explains:

– Our recruitment process is 99% based on our own search and headhunting. It's crucial to translate the requirements and competencies we seek into finding the right candidates. After two weeks of research and phone interviews, we have a mid-point check-in with Hemfrid where we present actual profiles. This helps us calibrate and refine our search.

The collaboration with Beyond Retail resulted in successful hires that strengthened Hemfrid's marketing and sales team. Fredrik Lindblad expresses his satisfaction with the results:

– We have successfully found the right candidates through the process, and those now working in the team contribute significantly to our business. What made the difference in our collaboration was Beyond Retail’s ability to understand our specific needs and their methodical approach to achieving our goals. They have not only delivered competent candidates but also ensured that these individuals fit into our corporate culture and share our vision.

Erika at Beyond Retail emphasizes the importance of understanding the client’s needs and culture to find the best matches:

– What has been crucial is finding people who are truly passionate about Hemfrid’s journey and having a good dialogue about cultural aspects that play a significant role in it.

The partnership between Hemfrid and Beyond Retail demonstrates how strategic recruitment and an understanding of the client’s needs can help build a strong and competent team. By using a structured yet flexible process, Beyond Retail has helped Hemfrid find the right skills to support the company’s growth and future visions.

– What I take away from this collaboration can be summarized in three points. First, working with a fantastic brand like Hemfrid; second, having such incredibly smooth and transparent processes; and finally, being able to find and attract excellent candidates. It has been inspiring to see how our recruits have contributed to Hemfrid’s growth and development. We are proud to have matched the right skills with the company’s needs and that our recruited talents have already made a significant impact. This collaboration truly shows the power of having a deep understanding of both industry-specific challenges and the company’s unique culture, concludes Erika.

Hemfrid's journey underscores the importance of combining strategic recruitment with an understanding of industry-specific needs and cultural aspects. By focusing on improving digital development while preserving their core values, Hemfrid can continue its journey to cement its position as a leading provider of household services in Sweden.

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