Interim Digital Marketing Lead at Nutricia (Danone group)

At Beyond Retail we have during the years, successfully implemented AI and machine learning capabilities within our clients organisation and infrastructure, to help and support them in drive growth and make better use of their digital marketing spend. This way we are able to offer a truly data driven approach to digital marketing, and eCommerce in particular, to maximize ROAS (return-on-ad-spend) and utilizing all resources.

"We have been very pleased to work with Beyond Retail on this project and Sophie has shown us that we need a full-time specialist in this role."

(Andreas Rejnus, Country Manager Nutricia Sweden & Denmark)

Six months ago, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Beyond Retail was given the opportunity to work with Nutricia, part of the Danone Group and specialized in medical nutrition, and I was assigned to take on the role as the Digital Marketing Lead.

The goal was to take on the role interim and not only manage the business’ day-to-day online operations and digital presence, but also, and perhaps more importantly - to kick-start and lead a number of digital development projects before a permanent employee was in place.

Amongst the development projects there were three main priorities from the client; making the reporting process more actionable and accessible, making sure digital communication was optimized towards the target audience as well as setting up new media strategies for different channels (e.g. SEM, SEO and Email marketing).

The projects resulted in eight key outputs: 

  • A digital performance dashboard in Data studio
  • SEM audit and optimization
  • SEO & UX audit and optimization
  • In-depth Email marketing performance analysis
  • A recruitment strategy for newsletter subscribers
  • Recommendations for future digital transformation projects
  • Input to recruitment of permanent employee
  • Onboarding of the new permanent employee

Another benefit of hiring an interim consultant from Beyond Retail is our hybrid model offering both consultancy and recruitment services within digital roles. Even though Nutricia had chosen to manage the recruitment of their new permanent employee in-house, Beyond Retail supported the client in reshaping the role and setting the profile for the new candidate. The added bonus of the assignment was that the client also gained proof of concept of the importance of specialized digital competence in the role.

"We have been very pleased to work with Beyond Retail on this project and Sophie has shown us that we need a full-time specialist in this role" 
“A great benefit for us was that we could avoid the gap between two employees, something that usually means loss of momentum and speed. Instead, Sophie through Beyond Retail, could come in and accelerate from where we were - thereby adding value from day one.”

(Andreas Rejnus, Country Manager Nutricia Sweden & Denmark)

At Beyond Retail we simply aim at filling the client’s need for competency - whether it is through recruitment, consultancy services or a combination of both. We want to make the experience as seamless as possible.

Are you interested in hearing what we can do for your company? Please don’t hesitate to contact me at or +46 70-3488002.

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