We offer a unique combination of services ranging from strategic advisors and e-commerce operations consultants, online marketing experts to digital recruitment specialists. Our consultants have a true passion for the digital world and help some of the Nordics’s most successful brands to start, optimize, develop and recruit within e-commerce.

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How we work with clients

We partner with leaders in business to tackle their most important digital challenges and capture their greatest opportunities. Beyond Retail was the pioneer in e-commerce consulting when it was founded in 2012. Today, we work closely with clients to embrace a transformational approach aimed at empowering organizations to grow and build sustainable competitive advantage.

Our approach
Independent advisors
We take pride in being independent advisors. We’re passionate about emerging technologies and obsessed with solving complex digital challenges.
Client first
We think clear goals and evaluation leads to improvement. Creating value for our customers is always our main priority. We are determined to deliver beyond expectations.
Always learning
In our industry you won't be very successful if you don't stay updated and curious. Regardless of seniority we stay humble for the fact that we will never be fully trained. Change is fast and we need to learn every day.
Brands we have helped succeed
Selected cases
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