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We specialize in recruitment of top performing digital teams and candidates. All the way from senior executives & leaders to different levels of specialists & operational generalists — all to accelerate your digital business. Having performed over 600 successful digital recruitment processes we have the leading track record and most refined digital recruitment offer on the Swedish market.

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Having worked with headhunting in the digital space since 2014 we have the hottest network of candidates
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As we are experts in the field our selves we have a much higher efficiency and credibility in our work
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Thanks to our unique methodology we have the lowest percentage of guarantee processes in the industry

Our Services

Full-Service Recruitment
Permanent recruitment is a long-term investment. With industry insights, a curated network of top talents and a unique methodology, we deliver candidates that make crucial impact on your business.
Recuitment Support
All needs are unique. Many want a lot, others less; in both cases, we can help. Through our various Support offerings, we can provide our knowledge and experience to strengthen your internal recruitment processes. With Search, Second Opinion, Case Studys and Quality Assurance, we can support you where help is needed.
Current assignments

Have a look at our current assignments to get a sense of what roles we do!

Current Assignments
Our recruitment experts have helped some of Sweden's most successful companies and brands find talents and build digital teams

Our combination of industry expertise, leading track record and established network gives us a unique ability to recruit digital candidates. Our processes are performed by experienced experts and built on a unique methodology that focuses on evaluation of track record, potential and verifying actual competency. For us, this is the only way to really evaluate candidate suitability.

Areas of Expertise

Senior Executive & Leaders
We have an extensive network and track record of recruiting Senior Executives & Leaders with digital competency. No matter if you are on the hunt for a CEO, CTO, CDO, CMO or CCO leading a journey of digital transformation or a more specialized leader like Head of E-commerce, Marketing, Analytics, Tech, or Product. Read more about our track record on these roles.
Tech & Product
We specialize in commercially oriented tech and product positions that build the bridge between your tech organisation and commercial resources to secure they work against the same goals. Having recruited everything from CTO, Digital Tech Lead, Product Manager, Product Owner, Technical Project Manager, Site Lead, Solution Architect, Data Platform Manager, Technical UX Manager and Martech Specialist - We can assure you we've got even the most advanced requirements covered.
Digital Marketing & Creatives
Recruiting different levels and types of marketing profiles - Leaders, Generalists or Specialists is our most common assignment. We know just how crucial these positions are to deliver on company targets and take big pride in settling for nothing but the best canidates. Wether it's a Digital Marketing Manager, SEO Specialist, Social Media Manager, CRM Manager, Digital Designer, Brand Manager or Art Director. We've got the right candidates for you.
Sales, Analytics & Conversion
Finding candidates within Sales, Analytics & Conversion requires well thought through requirements and a really good pitch. These candidates are highly sought after and we know just how to get them onboard. Our track record involves finding profiles like Online Sales Manager, Conversion Specialist, Marketplace Manager, Digital Analyst, and Campaign Analyst. But also profiles within advanced analytics, BI, Data Platform Managers, Pricing Analysts, Monetization Specialists and Statisticians etc.
Completed assignments

What we are most proud of are all the positions we have filled. It drives us forward and keeps us going. Behind every position and role description there is a person whom we have helped to a new inspiring and developing work. We have identified just the right person for our clients' organization and the best suited skills for the position. It is through the right person in the right place that success and business growth are created.

Completed Assignments

Our Clients say

“Beyond Retail has recruited over 25 talented candidates to Filippa K’s Marketing and E-commerce organisation. They always deliver beyond expectation in their work and as they are experts in the field themselves, I can save even more time and safely rely on the outcome of each process. I truly recommend working with Beyond Retail if you wan to make sure your candidates are have the right cultural fit and competency.”
Mikael Björklund,
Ex, COO & Commercial Director Filippa K
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Using our knowledge, experience, and network, we have the perfect conditions to find your next talent, no matter the specialist area.
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