A unique methodology with a focus on competence

We recruit all the way from senior executives to skilled specialists and generalists within e-commerce, digital marketing, and related industries. Our recruitment specialists interview around 900 industry-specific candidates per year, so there's a good chance we already know the perfect candidate for your company.

Our process is built on 5 primary evaluation areas: Competence, track record, motivations, commitment, and potential.
Define the Role & Requirements
Together with you we set the framework for the candidate profile, the mission, and contribute relevant insights from the industry.
With insights from Beyond Retails industry expertise and holistic market overview we make sure title, salary level, role description, expectations etc are outlined in the most attractive and clear way for all parties.
Headhunting & First Candidate Screening
We start mapping the interest from relevant candidates. We have Sweden’s most prominent network of digital talents and can work effectively with mapping the right and most relevant candidates for the role.
As we start to get responses the first dialogue is taken via phone where we promote the opportunity at your company and make our first assessment of the candidates fit for the role.
Profile Calibration
After about 2 weeks we meet again to discuss a few potential candidates that we have had an initial dialogue with
This is a meeting where we can deep dive further in the profile and questions that are important in the next step of our evaluation. This step is also extra important in roles where candidates might have somewhat different backgrounds.
Assessments - Alva Labs
You have the opportunity to include personality and logic tests in the recruitment process.
We tailor tests to the requirements of the role and gain further nuance in our assessment of candidates' potential to succeed in the role.
In-depth Interviews
Competency based Methodology with the most relevant candidates
We focus on previous track record, ambition, potential and role specific abilities. By outlining interview material together with our own digital experts our Senior Recruitment Consultants conducts competency-based interviews in order to make an in-depth assessment of the candidates.
Candidate Presentation
Based on the requirement profile, the candidates potential and the mapping we have done, we will present the top candidates.
We settle only for the very best and never leave any client without committed final candidates who are interested in the role.
Client Interviews & Case Study
The first meeting for you and the candidates will be quite informal, this purpose of this meeting is to get to know each candidate and get an understanding of the candidates profile.
In the second round of clients interviews final candidates will present the role specific, tailored case to relevant parties. Beyond Retail will be provide you with the tailor made case. This is a unique and important part of our process no matter the role.
Coordination & References
We will help coordinating all meetings and answer your and the candidates questions throughout the whole process.
As we get closer to selection of the final candidate Beyond Retail will take two references on the final candidate. Client gets to give input on questions and will receive an oral summary on the dialog with the referee.
Follow up
We are committed to ensuring that both the client and the candidate experience a good match over time.
Therefore, we follow up with both parties within 2-3 months after the start of employment to ensure that the collaboration is proceeding smoothly as it should.
Reach out to one of us and we will tell you more about our process!
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