Interim Consultants

We work for some of the most successful companies and can quickly become part of your organisation as insourced consultants. Together we bridge the gap between where you are today and where you need to be tomorrow to create rapid digital growth.

Interim roles examples

E-commerce Director, Head of E-commerce, E-commerce Manager
Online Sales Director, Online Sales Manager
Chief Customer Officer
CDO, Product owner, Site Manager, Web Manager

Our Services

We offer temporary and ongoing consulting services to address specific challenges or long-term projects – always with experts and specialists to support your leadership and expand the team. Beyond Retail is a shortcut to solving problems and making quick and effective decisions.
Consulting services in Interim Management
  • E-commerce Director, Head of E-commerce, E-commerce Manager
  • Online Sales Director, Online Sales Manager
  • Chief Customer Officer
  • CDO, Product owner, Site Manager, Web Manager
Strategy & Management Consultancy
  • Transformation Partner
  • E-commerce due diligence
  • Online Business Strategy
  • Re-platforming project
  • KPI Framework
We have conducted over 600 successful digital recruitment processes, making us a leader in the Swedish market for digital recruitment.
We are recruiting for the following roles
  • E-commerce Director, Head of E-commerce, E-commerce Manager
  • C-Suite; Chief Digital Officer, Chief Customer Officer, Chief Technology Officer
  • E-commerce Operations Manager, E-commerce Coordinator, E-commerce Specialist
  • Online Merchandiser, Web Manager, Site Manager, SEO Manager, Web Editor
  • Product Owner, Technical Project Manager
Managed e-commerce
We are experts in technology, commerce, management, and operations, offering operational growth teams that can take care of the entire process for your e-commerce. Whether you need assistance with strategic planning or operational implementation, Beyond Retail is your one-stop-shop for your digital presence.
We improve profitability and growth
Holistic view
We consider the entire customer journey and include all channels available.
Specialist knowledge
We have unique and extensive experience with global multichannel strategies and tactics.
Full stack
We deliver top quality on both high and low requests. Evaluations, Strategies, implementations and hands-on execution.
Platform agnostic
We have independent solutions and a wide network of connections and partners.

Vad våra kunder säger

”På bara några månader har vi totalt förvandlat vår e-handelsorganisation, både gällande nya digitala kompetenser och arbetssätt. Parallellt har vi även lanserat en helt ny sajt och varumärke från grunden (Racqet) och förvärvat ett befintligt varumärke till Theveas varumärkesportfölj (Friluftsvaror). Beyond Retail har stöttat oss under hela resan med både rekrytering och operativt stöd under övergången mellan den gamla och den nya organisationen. Sophie som interimskonsult har varit ett utmärkt stöd genom att ta hand om verksamheten på ett datadrivet sätt och gett värdefull input till den nya organisationen och kommersiella strategin.”

Soliman Herrera Johansson

Head of Online Marketing & Sales, Thevea Brands Group

How our expertise have helped our clients succeed
Filippa K
Over a period of two years the revenue from ecommerce grew by 4x while Beyond Retail was running and growing the digital team. A digital transformation of the whole company had begun.
Incremental Omnichannel ROAS
Gina Tricot
The strategy shift and the following results marks an important milestone for Gina Tricot on its journey to become a truly omni-channel retailer. We are one step closer to capturing the true value of our campaigns and taking control over footfall in store.
CRM Revenue
Happy Socks
The increase in revenue from CRM was achieved by setting up a network of marketing automation programs adhering to the customer journey.
Our consultants
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Kenny Renes

Head of E-commerce Consulting & Partner
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Sophie Landquist Hermelin

Senior E-commerce Consultant
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Rickard La Fleur

Senior E-commerce Consultant
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Carina Fornegård

Head of CRM & Marketing Automation
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Christopher Blidner

Senior Digital Marketing Consultant
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Clara Bartlett

Senior E-commerce Consultant
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