Academy case: Clas Ohlson

Beyond Retail has a pioneering legacy in the Swedish e-commerce sector, and for our inaugural e-commerce education program, we partnered with Clas Ohlson to empower them in their digital transformation journey.

Clas Ohlson is an iconic Swedish retail brand with roots tracing back over a century to the quaint village of Insjön in Dalarna with a mission to help people fix their homes with practical and sustainable solutions at attractive prices. Today, Clas Ohlson has 221 stores across Sweden, Norway, and Finland, in addition to an e-commerce presence.

While Clas Ohlson has within their ecommerce department, experienced significant growth in recent years, they aspired to advance further on their journey toward digital transformation and recognized the need to increase and disseminate knowledge beyond their compact e-commerce team.

Beyond Retail was selected as a partner and introduced the “Beyond Retail Academy”, an innovative approach to address the educational needs of Clas Ohlson with tailor-made and interactive contents developed in collaboration with Clas Ohlson. The program was designed for teams not working directly with E-commerce with the aim to reduce organizational silos, create an inspiring work environment, and enhance cross-collaboration to bridge the gap between brick-and-mortar and digital stores.

Lene Iren Oen, Director of Sales and E-commerce at Clas Ohlson, spearheaded the project, providing invaluable strategic insights and vision, and played a pivotal role in defining the program’s direction.

“The program represented a strategic investment in our employees, underscoring our resolute commitment to eradicating silos and fortifying our organization for the digital era. It demonstrates our dedication to our staff and fosters a culture of barrier-breaking. We are exceedingly content with Beyond Retail’s delivery.”

A multifaceted approach to upskilling

The Beyond Retail Academy was a mandatory program for selected employees, offering a comprehensive curriculum covering various aspects of e-commerce. Notable subjects included customer journey mapping, the evolving landscape of AI, effective pricing strategies, digital marketing techniques, and more.

The program structure seamlessly integrated interactive workshops, engaging discussion groups, informative quizzes, and a blend of external expertise and knowledge exchange. Additionally, inspirational insights from external speakers were incorporated.

Daniel Nilsson, E-Commerce Manager Nordics at Clas Ohlson, played a central role in the day-to-day management and development of the program, ensuring its value for all attendees, but it came with its challenges.

“Adapting the program to different knowledge levels and various roles within the organization was complex. Nevertheless, through ongoing feedback and adjustments, we refined the program to ensure it delivered value to all participants, cultivating the knowledge necessary to propel our brand forward in unison.”

A testament to employee development

The Beyond Retail Academy was an important step in Clas Ohlson's journey toward digital transformation and is a testament to Clas Ohlsons’ commitment to employee development, even in challenging times.

In an era defined by rapid technological evolution, continuous educational initiatives are indispensable for ensuring top-tier customer experiences, a foundation that this program provides.

Throughout every phase of the program, Niclas Winroth, CEO and Founder of Beyond Retail, remained actively engaged. However, this achievement was the result of a true collaborative endeavor.

"We are extremely pleased with our collaboration with Clas Ohlson. Their dedicated investment of time has greatly enhanced the learning experience. This success is not solely our accomplishment; it's the result of a genuinely collaborative effort that is integral to its success."

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