Ecommerce Management

We’re here to lead the way in the rapidly changing ecommerce industry and we help our clients navigate change for lasting success. We bring light-years of experience in roles such as Ecommerce Manager, Ecommerce Director or Head of Ecommerce from some of the most successful companies on the client side and we can become part of your organisation as in-sourced consultants. Together we bridge the gap between were you are today and were you need to be tomorrow and create rapid digital growth.

Our expertise

We’re here to lead the way in the rapidly changing ecommerce industry and we help our clients navigate change for lasting success. We bring light-years of experience in roles such as Ecommerce Manager, Ecommerce Director or Head of Ecommerce from some of the most successful companies on the client side into the collective knowledge-base of Beyond Retail. We pride ourselves with being thought leaders and love to share our expertise and knowledge with you. We apply our ecommerce management skills, technological know-how and, most of all, our ability to harness our strategic insights when solving our clients’ individual challenges, and we can do it for you too! This adaptive approach is at the heart of our culture. We challenge, support and engage with you to create value through successful digital transformation.

Holistic View

We are set apart from other consultant agencies in the business by our holistic view of ecommerce. It is one of the founding pillars of Beyond Retail and one of the reasons we started the company in the first place some 10 years ago. Niche consultants were present in the market but no one took a holistic view and an integrated approach to ecommerce. We called it management consultants for the business area of ecommerce. Some years later the big global consultancies caught the drift and added this to their services but we are still the original agency, and the one that moves before the others.

Specialist knowledge

In the ecommerce department of Beyond Retail most consultants have senior strategic and generalist competence within the field of ecommerce. In addition most consultants have T-profiles which combine the senior strategic generalist competence with specialist knowledge within at least one field such as; Marketing, Technology, Omni-channel, Content, Organization, Logistics and Operations. Our consultants have a deep knowledge of ecommerce and unique experience with global multichannel strategies and tactics. Regardless of your current level of ecom activities, our consultants can help you improve both strategy and operations. We have a strong track record of driving measurable high growth.

Industry Experience

We have broad experience within different industries and we have worked with some of the most successful companies within Retail, Travel, Fashion, Interior design, Health care, Telecom, Automotive, Construction industries as well as many of the fast moving DTC superstars in the lifestyle brands segment. We pride ourselves on developing a realistic, actionable strategy with both an achievable implementation plan and business case which is supported by an extensive set of proprietary performance benchmarks.


Independent Advisors

We’re passionate about emerging technologies and obsessed with solving complex digital challenges and love to help you exceed the constantly changing customer expectations. We take pride in being independent advisors, even though we have very close relationships with all industry leaders we always start by putting the clients of our clients first.

Every client is different. Every project is different. Every customer journey is different.

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Words from our clients

”Robin is a skilled and experienced professional who brings a lot of e-commerce expertise to the table. Robin has a solution oriented approach and has an excellent ability to find common ground for cooperation within a team. Most importantly Robin brings positive energy, and always approaches any challenge with a positive attitude. Robin’s contribution at Svenssons helped us significantly improve on all major KPI’s in our e-commerce business.” 

/ Anders Rundgren, fmr CEO at Svenssons i Lammhult”

”In only a few months we have completely transformed our eCommerce organization, both in terms of new digital competencies and ways of working. Parallel to this, we have launched a whole new site and brand from scratch (Racqet) and acquired an existing brand to the Thevea brands Group portfolio (Friluftsvaror). Beyond Retail has supported us throughout this journey with both recruitment and operational support during the gap between the old and the new organization. Sophie as an interim consultant has been an excellent support in this transition, managing the day-to-day operations in a data-driven manner, as well as giving valuable recommendations to the new organisation and commercial strategy.” 

/ Soliman Herrera Johansson, Head of Online Marketing & Sales at Thevea brands Group



”In the course of the assignment Kenny set up new reporting structures, optimized digital marketing in markets with high brand awareness and established tremendous traction in new markets. The overarching themes of the assignment were attribution, digital marketing effectiveness, brand versus performance marketing and long-term brand building versus short-term sales results.”

/ Sofia Syrén, Matsmart

”As a startup, we are used to making quick decisions based on gut feeling. When it comes to which platform we should base our future store operations on, we felt that it was not enough with gut feeling alone. Robin immediately understood our challenges and our visions of the future and delivered a well-founded roundup and recommendation for a choice that fit our strategy and challenges. “Hatten av” for the work Robin did and the recommendation he delivered to us!”

/ Douglas Sandberg, E-commerce Manager, Tibber

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Svenssons i Lammhult

Kenny Renes

Senior Manager E-commerce +46 73 518 73 70

Matilda Landhör

Senior E-commerce Consultant +46 73 350 16 41

Lisa Grahn

Senior E-commerce Consultant +46 73 055 47 70

Kajsa Regnér

E-commerce Consultant +46 70 720 02 75

Kenny Renes

Senior Manager Ecommerce +46 73 518 73 70