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Tech, retail and recruitment: trends we’ll see more of in 2022

The new normal, future of work, remote life. It doesn’t matter what you choose to call it; it’s already here, generating record breaking numbers for the recruitment industry. A recent LinkedIn survey showed that two out of three would consider switching jobs, and 15% are actively searching for one. But what will influence the market this year? Below are four trends within tech, retail, and recruitment we’ll see more of in 2022.

1. E-commerce growth continues

Growth in e-commerce continues, focusing on improved customer journey’s, product supply and fulfillment methods. Special attention will be paid to personalization based on first part customer data. Another focal point will be D2C, direct-to-consumer e-commerce, which gives companies complete control over the consumer experience when making, marketing, selling, and shipping their products without the middleman. And, of course, we’ll see continued growth for social commerce and hybrid retail as well.


2. Happy employee, happy life

2021 was the year when work culture changed. People began to reflect on their work, and new norms started forming. While it can be hard to separate work from private life when working from home, the upsides and downsides will continue to be discussed. Health and wellbeing are growing to become leading priorities for many, not just when thinking about oneself but often enforced in the work culture.

3. Working from anywhere

Flexible work is becoming a lasting phenomenon, with executives changing workplace policies and letting employees decide where and when to work. It’s a critical factor when attracting new talent and keeping current employees happy, and the fastest-growing priority for candidates considering new jobs. Companies are even adding job titles focused on hybrid work experiences, highlighting the accountability and attention it requires, considering how remote work actually sparks innovation.

4. A job with a purpose

The pandemic has changed our priorities; employers with meaningful work and significant impact are growing popular. Today, employees feel a greater purpose than earning a paycheck. It’s no longer enough for a company to say that you’re sustainable – you’ll have to demonstrate it as well. Forbes reported last year that due to all the extensive online research that is made today, it’s essential to brand. Whether you’re focusing on clients, customers, or even employees – taking control of your brand and focusing on the right priorities is fundamental.