6 Key Factors for a Successful CRM Strategy

Many businesses have their main, if not all focus, on customer acquisition in the first years of their journey. That is natural and understandable but it can, therefore, be challenging and overwhelming to build up a customer relationship management strategy and establish ways of working. We’ve put together a list of key factors that will guarantee success when implementing a CRM strategy.

Clean your data
Well this should be obvious, right? It’s still very common that small and large businesses have poor quality data. In order to perform proper and correct analysis to base your strategy on, you need qualitative, clean and relevant customer and behavioral data. Your first step should be to perform an audit and thereafter synchronize your data sources.

Analyze and adapt
There is always a winning set of best practices, that work for most businesses. But you should ensure that you base your actions on your customers’ unique behavior and identify relevant segments. Keep in mind that local differences should be considered when operating in several markets.

Onboard the organization
The entire management team should comprehend the value of CRM in order to succeed with the CRM work. The CRM lead should be a strong advocate and educate the rest of the organization about the value of retention tactics and customer-centricity. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Consider all available channels
When developing the communication strategy towards your existing customers, don’t limit yourself to the modern classic CRM model of email marketing. Create journeys including social channels, SMS and app push notifications when applicable. Depending on your target group, why not try snail mail?

Choose an agile CRM platform
Ensure that you choose a martech tool that is easy to use at the same time as supporting advanced technical possibilities. You don’t want to be dependent on the tech team to be able to segment, set up automated journeys and scale up in terms of the number of markets.

Automate and personalize
In order to create CRM magic with limited resources and target the right customer at the right time, you must automate and personalize your communication. Utilize predictive modeling and machine learning so that you can optimize your retention marketing.

Do you need help kicking off your CRM work or further optimize your current strategy? Don’t hesitate contacting us at Beyond Retail! We can help you in recruiting the right resources, with interim solutions and-/or work on a project basis to advise on your next steps.

Miona Matar

Senior CRM Consultant Lead +46763103973