Digital Marketing

We help companies with strategy and execution on digital marketing activities all the way from brand awareness and customer acquisition to retargeting and CRM-initiatives to increase customer retention and lifetime value.

Our expertise

Whether your organization needs to improve the holistic digital marketing strategy or is in need of an operational resource to manage a specific channel, our insourced consultants will cover your needs. We have a marketing mix perspective where we make sure that all the channels are efficient, everything to improve the marketing results. Additionally, we shorten the lead times since we are flexible with working from your office together with the in-house expertise in close collaboration.


Billions of searches are made every day on Google alone. We help you leverage search by optimizing your site to perform better organically (Search Engine Optimization) and by building an ad setup that utilizes the most relevant search terms and keywords (Search Engine Marketing). We help you get your potential customers within reach – whether organic or paid, on a strategic level or hands-on.

Content Management

We create content optimized for e-commerce that adds to the brand experience as well as converts visitors into shopping customers. Engaging content creates a stronger shopping and branding experience, while the ranking in search engines is improved. We are experts on all types of content optimization, from email marketing, social media and on-site pages.


A part of the CRM work is analyzing consumer behaviour, purchase and communication history, as well as identifying new potential customer segments. By mapping the entire customer journey, we know how and when to target existing customers to maximize their loyalty for business benefit. Automated and personalized email marketing is a success factor and we can help you in creating a strategy as well as set up efficient communication in order to target the right people, in the right context, at the right time.

Social Media

Through social media marketing we are turning followers, likes and interests into customers and transactions. By creating engaging campaigns, reaching relevant audiences and making impactful activities we help our clients increase their online sales. We offer services from strategic planning and concepts to campaign management, optimization and content production.

Robin Ahrnéll

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