Digital Transformation

We provide the sharpest in-sourced strategy consultants who have strong track record from enabling growth across multiple industries. Integrated with your organization, our consultants identify the gap between where you are now and where you need to be.

Our Approach

Our scope in a strategy assignment is to identify the overall goals for your digital business - either as a whole or in a particular area like eg. digital marketing or even more precise customer acquisition. By providing expertise across multiple disciplines, sharing best practices and serving as digital transformation experts our insourced consultants help companies grow beyond their current digital maturity.

Insourced Approach

Our approach is always to be integrated with your organisation and add value from day one – even if we’re on a more strategic and longterm mission. Our consultants act as change agents to improve internal processes, identify priorities, maximize sales and marketing initiatives and to make sure you build a state of the art customer journey.

Priorities for growth

Having helped over 50 organisations with their digital transformation our most important learning is that sustainable growth is created by making the right priorities. However, in a fast moving landscape many organisations tend to spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important. In order to identify what needs to be prioritized in your organisation some of the most important things for our consultants, is to thoroughly  explore customer insights and other relevant data.

Digital Capabilities

Making sure an organisation has the right capabilities is very often underestimated. By educating, recruiting, clarifying roles and responsibilities and by shifting focus to each part of your customer journey our consultants can help you align your digital activities with your overall strategy which is closely linked to accelerating growth.

Thorough handover concept

The driving force behind Beyond Retails offer is to help companies accelerate their digital growth but also to be act completely in our clients best interest. For us this includes not having our own agenda and to always aim for the most profitable solution. That is why we have an educational focus and always plan for a thorough handover in all our assignments. If you need help replacing our consultant with a permanent resource, we’re more than happy to help.

Niclas Winroth

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