Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation for Filippa K

Like many companies in the retail and fashion industry, Filippa K started experiencing a strong need of change due to new customer behavior around 2012. After launching the first versions of their online store through out 2014 and 2015, Beyond Retail started collaboration with Filippa K in 2016. Our scope was to lead the company’s online activities and prepare for  international growth while establishing a more digital and data-driven way of working throughout the whole organization.

Strategy and Transformation

Beyond Retail has been involved in designing the long-term strategy for e-commerce and the digital transformation of Filippa K.

Organization & Working Methods

Beyond Retail has helped Filippa K to lay the foundations for a scalable digital organization where we also identified needs and recruited over 12 new members to the e-commerce team. Beyond Retail also worked to anchor a more data-driven and iterative way of working, to support future growth.

Customer Journey and Site Development

By improving collaboration with external technology partners processes were strengthened and streamlined which enabled a higher pace of development, closer releases of new functionality as well as crucial improvements to the experience on-site.

Customer Acquisition

Beyond Retail developed a new ”Customer Acquisition” and “Retention” strategy focusing on optimizing the entire purchase funnel, working iteratively and data driven with deeper customer insights, using automation and machine learning to help customers faster.


A crucial part of our journey together was to establish a growth mindset where development projects were prioritized based on expected impact on the conversion rate. We also strengthened the focus on eliminating friction and at the same time enhancing customer experience and service level.

Conversion Rate
New Markets