Interim Solution

Interim solutions for Mini Rodini

Artist and illustrator Cassandra Rhodin, founded the children’s clothes brand Mini Rodini in 2006, as a tribute to all children and their fantasy. With playful prints, Mini Rodini creates clothes that fit children’s personality, mood and creativity. The quality of the clothes is the main focus and the products are produced in a way that is gentle to both the environment and the people working with the products.

Mini Rodini had a recruitment process and e-commerce development ahead of them and decided to use our interim solution. In our interim solution, consultants settle fast and can support the organization depending on the needs – both short- and longterm. The consultant is a temporary, qualified resource that can assist in a critical phase and ensure that the digital business doesn’t lose momentum.

The Mini Rodini partnership consisted of two larger projects – interim online merchandising and interim technical project lead.

Interim Online Merchandiser
One of our E-commerce Consultants was acting Online Merchandiser and project lead for the operations team. In addition, our consultant was responsible for training new team members in their respective roles.

A part of this role was to drive sales through product merchandising based on stock availability and customer demand. Our consultant was also responsible for creating all product-related content such as product descriptions and site structure for Magento import. We performed continuous SEO development on the website and acted as interim support concerning Magento, for all stakeholders in the company. When Mini Rodini’s newly recruited team members were in place, our consultant carried through workshops to ensure the team had the best conditions in continuing the sales development towards e-commerce targets.

Interim Tech Lead
One of our Technical E-commerce Consultant was acting Interim Tech Lead and responsible for the technical e-commerce roadmap and for setting requirements towards Mini Rodinis technical partners.

Our conusltants role entailed project-managing all technical development projects connected to e-commerce, setting technical requirements and bug reporting towards the external development team, responsible for maintaining Mini Rodini’s e-commerce solution via Magento. We were also responsible for leading all testing and quality assurance of recently launched functions, integrations, and major platform updates. In addition, our consultant was technical advisor in discussions regarding technical projects that were to be added in the roadmap and handled general internal tech education within the company.

Since our consultants stepped in on an interim basis, Mini Rodini could maintain the same speed and cover direct needs that emerged. Our consultants have solid experience and can take holistic action on your e-commerce alternately parts of it, and ensure that you are moving towards the goals and expectations set for the online channel.

In a previous blog post we have outlined the advantages of using an interim consultant and what added value it can give your organization. Feel free to read the more on this topic here, to see if the solution could be an option for your business.