Technical solutions for Sabis

Sabis Haga, Solna. Foto Daniel Roos

Our client Sabis is a Stockholm-based family company founded in 1874, then with a meat factory and a number of meat shops around Stockholm. During the 1940s, Sabis Restaurants was added to the business and today a third business area Sabis Hotell & Möten, has been added. The family business is now run by the third generation and with its long history and tradition of service and quality, Sabis today has a unique position in food and service.

In preparation for an upcoming platform change, Sabis started a collaboration with Beyond Retail. As an independent partner we began the assignment with a feasibility study for an upcoming plattform decision where we collected and analyzed information about the organization and what needs existed to increase the conditions for reaching ambitious business goals.

Do you also need help with a plattform change? Or need help with technical project management, requirements and advice. Our technical consultants can make sure you don’t get lost in the jungle of suppliers and partners and most importantly maximize return on your technical investments.