Cristian Mittag, Sales Manager at Amanda AI: “Beyond Retail has been very good at understanding our needs”

Amanda AI has undergone significant growth and transformation over the past years with the support of Beyond Retail recruiting new top talents to the teams. As a result, Amanda AI has been able to expand its offerings and meet the demands of a rapidly-evolving industry.

Amanda AI has undergone significant growth and transformation over the past years with the support of Beyond Retail recruiting new top talents to the teams. As a result, Amanda AI has been able to expand its offerings and meet the demands of a rapidly-evolving industry.

Amanda AI is an automated digital marketing service that creates and scales ads on Google, Bing, and Meta (Facebook and Instagram) using artificial intelligence. By removing the manual work that advertising entails, they streamline and optimize digital advertising to a greater extent, helping over 400 clients in more than 60 markets.

In a time of global challenges and recession, Amanda AI's cost-effective solution has allowed their customers to lower their costs and increase their results. As a result, the company has grown rapidly, leading to a need for recruitment. Cristian Mittag, Sales Manager at Amanda AI, explains:

– While we used to handle all recruitment ourselves, the process was time-consuming and drained valuable energy that could have been directed towards other crucial matters. As a result, we took a new approach at the start of 2021 and began partnering with Beyond Retail. We knew about their digital expertise, and that they also have consultants working in the sector, so we knew we were in safe hands.

An efficient process 

For the past two years, Amanda AI has relied on Beyond Retail to assist with their recruiting needs, including the sales, analysis, and customer success teams. Throughout the process, Beyond Retail does quality check-ups and tests, while maintaining constant dialogue and following up with Amanda AI to ensure their preferences are included.

– We describe who and what we’re looking for, and the key strengths we want in a candidate. They take notes, ask a lot of questions, and together we build the specification. After that, they contact potential candidates and present them to us, and we have discussions back and forth, sharing our thoughts and feedback until we find the right person for the job, Cristian says and continues:

– So Beyond Retail takes care of all the time-consuming aspects of the recruitment process, including reference checks, psychological evaluations, and follow-ups, but always with great insight for us. For example, sometimes you prefer to call the reference yourself, but they’ve done that really well because not only do they confirm the details, but also give us written feedback about what the reference actually said. So they use their expertise in a very good way and make everything easier for us.

One thing very important for Cristian and Amanda AI was that Beyond Retail knew their story and could present their product in a valuable way when meeting candidates.

– A potential candidate needs to know who we are, what we do, how we differ from others, our challenges, and our unique selling points. After all, as a scale-up, we face certain challenges when growing rapidly, but it also comes with a lot of advantages and opportunities as well of course, Cristian says and continues:

– The best thing about Beyond, for us, is that they really care about what we do. They take the time to understand our product and explain it in a way that gets potential candidates excited. Hiring the wrong person can be a huge waste of time, money, and energy, but Beyond helps us avoid that by making sure candidates know what they're getting into.

The value of growing slowly
Amanda AI is becoming a more and more interesting partner for many, bringing in bigger and bigger clients. This means they have to develop their processes and bring in more people. But for them, it’s important to do it at a good pace, and grow at a pace they can handle – something Beyond Retail will continue to support them in.

– Over time and through experience, we’ve learned the value of growing slowly and making sure that processes keep up. Beyond Retail has been very good at understanding our needs and connecting with us whenever we’re ready to expand our team, Cristian says and continues:

– I definitely recommend Beyond Retail, especially Li and Freja. Their processes have been very helpful, with fast and valuable feedback for both us and the candidates, and have enabled us to focus even more on our strengths and growth.

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